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About SAPL

For over three decades SAPL has been a trusted name in Business Process Automation Software for distribution, Software Tools, and Connectivity Solutions. It also offers software products at different levels in the Sales and Distribution Information System for various segments.

SAPL’s world-class products and services have successfully helped organizations to get a definitive edge in the marketplace, without the exorbitant pricing associated with such solutions. SAPL pioneered the usage of Application Software for the Alcoholic Beverage Segment in Western India. And one of the first to offer Secondary Sales and Stock Tracking Information Systems.

The result was not only better sales but also significant cost & time savings to put together meaningful reports for Decision Support.

SAPL’s products and services cater to a wide range of businesses, spanning FMCG companies.

SAPL lays great emphasis on serving its customers with efficiency, transparency, and dedication. It strongly believes that the best way to offer real value to its customers is by helping them Serve their clients with measurable effectiveness.

SAPL has also taken steps towards providing clients the required tools by which they can provide measurable effectiveness to both their organization and their channel Partners. It has created software like Sales Analysis software to manage the entire function of the sales department, Distributions Management Software and Scheme Management Software for Distributors and Logistic clients, Secondary Sales Management Software, and Salesforce Automation software for the entire sales and distribution function of the FMCG, Pharma, Liquor, Crop Science and White goods industries. With all these software, SAPL aims to help the clients to reduce their workload and generate business.

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