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Simplify your Field sales operations with Zylemini+

Zylemini+ is a sales force automation software that connects the business with their Field force to increase the efficiency of field operations in the industries such as Manufacturing, FMCG, Retail, Pharma, and soo many other similar industries. It offers detailed tracking of the field force and the key stakeholders in your entire supply chain.

Zylemini+ can grow your revenue and helps to stay ahead of the competition.

Zylemini+ provides an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to manage all aspects of your team in one place, including what they are doing on a daily basis.

Increase Productivity

Zylemini+ real-time analytics can give insights into the Market data where Sales Executives are collecting the Orders and taking surveys.

Track Your Field Force With Their Daily Beats

Zylemini+ is the most powerful sales force automation application in the market. A cloud-based sales force automation system that helps you grow your sales by providing you granular visibility of not only your field force but also the key stakeholders of your entire supply chain.

  • Transparency

    Increase transparency and reduced costs with detailed real-time insights, eliminate paperwork with real-time data entry and monitoring, and boost productivity by streamlining processes.

  • ROI

    Boost productivity to increase sales, and see how each member of the team performs individually or as a whole team to identify trends and patterns across all regions or territories.

  • Standardization

    Helps to streamline your workflow & optimize your sales process.

  • Safety

    Provide end-to-end encryption and a secure cloud for increased data safety.

The Ultimate Sales Tool

Digital Data Capture

Improve the efficiency of the business with digital data capture that lets organizations instantly collect vital information from customers or prospects in the field. With digital data capture, Zylemini+ automatically collects key information from customer interactions so that companies can focus on closing deals instead of filling out paperwork.

Location Tracking

According to the Routes or PJP set by the company, Zylemini+ can show the exact route tracking of the Sales Person and can give the exact map location to help companies to get the most out of every hour spent on the road or in meetings.

Detailed Reports

A travel report gives a detailed view of the user’s traveled locations with detailed reports on the orders placed and marketing schemes conducted, companies will be able to know employee-wise performance for better results in the future.

Conduct Surveys

Sales Executives can conduct Market Surveys and take photographs of the Display Material while visiting the shop. The company can collect the competitor’s data through the Zylemini+ app.

Order Booking and New Outlet Creation

Sales Executives can add a new outlet on the go, even if it is not in the Master Data. Executive can book the order from New Outlet and data can be synchronized with Cloud.

Promote Marketing Schemes

Keeping track of the Sales and Stock data of the outlet is one of the key features of Zylemini+. Sales Executives can take the detail from retailers where schemes are extended.

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