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Zylem-MIS Software (secondary sales management software) can provide complete visibility of Primary, and Secondary Sales as also Stock information to the company.

Secondary Sales Management Software helps them manage Sales, Distribution, and Promotion easily. The information is collected automatically and regularly. Zylem uses some unique ways of data collection and processing.

The reports are available from anywhere on Computer, Tablet, or Mobile…

Information Lifeline Connectivity for Sales and Marketing Networks Like the wonder transport system that connects all parts of a plant from ‘root to fruit’, Zylem is a unique software that provides an information lifeline, seamlessly connecting the entire Distribution Chain. Beginning with the manufacturing plant, Zylem spans the company offices, the CFA, super distributors, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and end customers.

Zylem empowers companies to have a bird’s eye view of vital data of their entire sales and distribution network and facilitates strategic business decisions by helping them to collect, organize, view, and exchange real-time data along the entire distribution chain.

Zylem is a robust software that ensures reliable Supply Chain Connectivity, efficient Sales and Distribution Management, and vital information exchange covering Primary Sales, Secondary Sales, Tertiary Sales, and Consumer Off-take. This helps brands to be made available at the right time at the right place in the right quantity.

It meets key requirements of a company’s marketing efforts such as sales force automation, mobile applications for the sales force, stock tracking, dealer inventory details, and other important information for winning in the marketplace.

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    The Zylem Advantages

    Salient Features and Benefits

    • Complete information about Primary and Secondary Sales Stock
    • Order Booking
    • Survey
    • Analysis of the trends
    • Greater market penetration and better market share

    Salient Features and Benefits

    • Primary Sales: Confirmation Secondary Sales: Details
    • Closing-Stock: Details NSFA & Survey

    The System Can Generate Various Reports Such As

    • Sales and Stock: Distributor wise, Brand wise
    • Sales: Retailerwise Item SKU wise gSales: Items SKU wise Retailer wise Monthly
    • Sales: Brand wise YTD, QTD, MTD with comparison

    Zylem Can Help You In :

    • Ordering/Primary Sales (Shipment)
    • Order Booking & Dispatch info
    • Secondary (Depletion)
    • Open Markets
    • Diverse software & non-uniform codes
    • Connectivity issues
    • Retail Survey/Order Booking

    Works Automatically :

    • Works in the background and transparent to the Distributor

    Sends Information To You :

    • Using Broadband Internet, USB Modems, eMail, WebEntry, GPRS even PSTN Modems.
    • Helps receive and compile the information create various reports as per your requirement

    Complete Solution :

    • Works across intranet, internet and the software for information collection & MIS.

    Data Collection :

    • Extracts data from remote PC and sends to a central server
    • Facilitates Data entry on Web On-line
    • Facilitates Data Entry in Excel Sheets Off-line

    Mobile Computing :

    • Uses Data from Survey using Mobile Phone or Tablet PC.
    • Enables exchange of data with ERP

    Anywhere Any time Reports :

    • Works on a Server at Company Or on the Internet
    • Enables receiving, formatting, and compiling of information for creating various reports.

    Convenient Features :

    • It can work independently of the Software @ Distributor/Distillery:
    • Can extract information from existing Software without any changes


    • Can get data entered through a form
    • Can get data entered through a mobile phone

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